Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Car Accidents

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Reasons why Tech Support guys are paid much

Customer: "How do I print my voicemail?"
Tech Support: ??????

Customer: "You've got to fix my computer. I urgently need to print document, but the computer won't boot properly."
Tech Support: "What does it say?"
Customer: "Something about an error and non-system disk."
Tech Support: "Look at your machine. Is there a floppy inside?"
Customer: "No, but there's a sticker saying there's an Intel inside."
Tech Support: ?????

Tech Support: "Just call us back if there's a problem. We're open 24 hours."
Customer: "Is that Eastern time?"

Tech Support: "What does the screen say now?"
Customer: "It says, 'Hit ENTER when ready'."
Tech Support: "Well?"
Customer: "How do I know when it's ready?"
Tech Support: ??????

Tech Support: I need a product identification number right now and may I help u in finding it out?
Customer: sure
Tech Support: could u left click on start and do u find 'My Computer'?
Customer: I did left click but how do I find your computer?

Anyone who thinks "the customer is always right" never worked in tech support

Skinput Touch Interface

Skinput is a new futuristic interface currently being developed by Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University. The system is the combination of two technologies, the ability to detect ultralow-frequency sound, and a microchip-sized projector.

This amazing interface can recognise which parts of the body has been tapped using the sounds that is created by the skin, bone and skeleton. The Skinput technology uses a band which is strapped on to the arm. The armband contains piezoelectric cantilevers, or sensors that measure pressure, acceleration and force.

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Wireless Waves Jammer

Introducing the new Tri-band Mini-phone jammer the most sophisticated digital cellular mobile phone jammer off its class, a mobile device to help you keep away from noise or disturbance of cellular phone calls.


* Coolest and lowest priced jammer on the market.
* Portable, small, compact and Robust.
* Battery or Mains compatible.
* To keep you away from noise or disturbance of unexpected cellular phone calls or text messages (SMS)
* World wide compatible.
* Easy to operate. No adjustment needed.
* To paralyze cellular phone communication links within an effective area.
* No transmissions or a reception of cellular phone calls in coverage area.
* For use at meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, bands, trains, buses ect.
* The coverage area is in a room, of 100-150 square feet.
* All specified frequency bands will be paralyzed simultaneously.